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Фотосесии / Stock photography

06 Юли 08, 18:03 / Автор: dimis
KeenImages portfolio
KeenImages is a revolutionary website where photographers can sell their photo works to photo buyers on the royalty-free basis. Our customers are buyers of stock images. Image buyers can take advantage of the powerful search engine capable of searching by colors, keywords and much more. Buyers can simplify the process of selecting photos with the ability to "zoom in" and view a fragment of any image's actual size, and easily find other images similar to the one they are considering for purchase. Our streamlined payment process does not require creating an account with us, making a purchase from KeenImages a snap. The goals KeenImages is pursuing are: * Create an extensive and versatile collection of stock photography images * Provide photo buyers with the hassle-free way of accessing and purchasing royalty-free photos * Empower photographers by giving them the affordable e-commerce solution to reach buyers of royalty-free stock photography * Give photographers the easy to way to promote their photos online, and increase their exposure

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