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Фотосесии / Stock photography

06 Юли 08, 18:04 / Автор: dimis
BigStockPhoto portfolio
An Alternative to High-Priced Stock Photography BigStockPhoto provides designers with an alternative to high-priced stock photography, in addition to providing photographers with a marketplace to sell their work. Why pay $50-$100 for a stock photo when you can get it here for about $1.50? Power to the people! With the advent of the digital photography, and so many people armed with cameras of high enough quality to shoot great photos, we loved the idea of making these photos available to each other, at a low price, while paying the photographers a commission for each photo sold. BigStockPhoto offers highest quality print and web resolution images - both photos and vector art - for virtually every use. A Marketplace for Photographers Approved photographers can upload their photos to BigStockPhoto, and upon approval by copyright and quality editors, these photos can be downloaded by other users.

Dimis portfolio - Stock Photos, Search and Download Now!
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